In a heartbeat, in a flash people will look at you and make a quick determination about you. Fair or not, accurate or not – It doesn’t make a difference. How you present yourself can play a role in how you find a job, land a job or make an impact at an interview. When you attend a networking event, go to a Job Fair or do a SKYPE call, you will be judged by appearance….or as we commonly call it – A FIRST IMPRESSION.

You will be evaluated quickly and an opinion will be formed. Your appearance, your body language, how you speak, your demeanor, your mannerisms and the way you are dressed will be taken into consideration.

So, what does that mean? It means that the way you are perceived from a glance should definitely be on your mind, because you will not get a shot at a second impression. In this category, you are one and done. There are rarely times of getting a second chance – So leverage yourself and stand up straight, be aware of your posture, look people in the eye and extend a hand for a FIRM handshake. Be cognizant of your cadence. Breath, be relaxed and try and get a dialogue going. Once you get a conversation moving, it can and often eliminates or reduces some of the nervous energy and convert that nervousness into ENTHUSIASM.

If you research the people, the organization, the event or the company – You will be more prepared; and if you prepare, you will be prepared.

Some quick rues of making a good 1st impression are:

  • Be on time
  • Present appropriately – Know who you are meeting
  • Have a smile on your face
  • Be confident – Self assured
  • Create and establish a dialogue
  • Positive energy & attitude

And above all – BE YOURSELF because in the wink of an eye – people will size you up and that could make the difference of moving forward  or falling back.

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