Transition is the secret sauce to move life, professionally and personally forward. Transition and change is to be embraced – not feared. I have written about this before, but it seems that a common thread with so many I encounter, is built on the APPREHENSION attached to the unknown. It can and often does cause such high levels of anxiety and in some cases – PANIC. It’s perfectly rational, but it’s not practical. If you make a conscious choice to engage in some change, then be excited by the prospects in front of you – Even though you are unsure about these prospects, it’s all within your control to identify your goals, objectives, your passions and determine what will really ‘scratch that itch’ and make your move. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

The path from point A to point B does not necessarily have to be a straight line. Nor does it promise an easy ride. Uncharted territory can and should ‘spook’ you a bit, but the unknown is where the excitement is. If you do embrace that, keep your head in a good place,, the changes you are experiencing can actually be a great motivator.

OK, what about changes that are forced? What do we do about the things that we DON’T have control of? That stuff certainly exists and because we are forced to take a step back, re-evaluate and re-assess, we can still put a plan in place, make adjustments and know that if applied, we will reduce or better, eliminate the fear factor, because at the end of the day, we will THRIVE and SURVIVE.



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