Do you have TNT? Talent Needs Tenacity.

If you have TALENT, that can open doors for you, but you need DRIVE and the ability to exhibit a serious passion for what you want to do. Without that ‘extra something’ you are one of the many in a deep pool of very talented people. If you can reveal that ‘special’ quality that people will recognize immediately, you are going to make it through the hiring process and have a better chance of landing where you want to be and become one of the few. The hiring community is not only looking at skill and talent. Yes, you MUST be able to align with the criteria described in the Job Description and that’s what will open the first door. If they like you on paper, they will want to push you through. They will probably reach out so you can have an intelligent discussion about the job and your back-story. This is your moment to showcase the passion, the purpose, the drive and the Tenacity you have that hopefully elevates you to the head of the list, in which case they will want you to come in, meet some of the people involved in the hiring process and give you a tour of the place. Now you have another opportunity to demonstrate those qualities not seen on your resume. This is the moment where you, because you have done all the research on this company, you get a chance to speak fluently in their language, show them that you understand them, their brand message and that by hiring you it’s a win for all involved. This is not about you – it’s about the ‘added value’ you are going to bring.

Let them hear your voice. Let them see that you are a good cultural fit. Let them see that if they hire you, they will never regret it and that you are driven by passion for the industry and the position they are considering you for.

Present yourself as the right person for the job by being talented, and tenacious.

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