Who inspires you? Who influences you? Clearly, we all have people, organizations and/or some entity that has had an impact on our lives, what we do, what we want, what we dream, what pushes us into some direction that we hope becomes something meaningful and if we do things well, it will have an impact on others.

To me, that’s the ultimate – Being influenced. That should instill, in all of us something to hold onto and something that brings us to a better place. This should be a consideration for both your personal and professional life.

Some people are threatened by that kind of surrounding. Influencers can be intimidating and the response might be negative. Influencers sometimes cause jealousy. Most people that are in the position to really influence us have earned that right. Typically, they have worked very hard to achieve that level of responsibility. Make no mistake if you are a person of influence, you DO have a responsibility to the ones you work with. You owe us nothing, but by default, there will be many that want to follow you. You have something to offer and we want a piece of that. Why not, you are someone that provides a guidance system to success.

Responsibility should be based upon trust and dependability, so if you are going to wear that hat, be aware that you can impact us in a good or maybe a bad way and that by some definition, is a responsibility. Don’t be jealous of INFLUENCE. BE driven, be motivated, be encouraged and be INSPIRED.

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