Who do you look up to? Who do you admire? Who made an impact on you and your life? Who demonstrated such character that you could never forget them?

Sometimes we encounter people that exhibit great things and the impression made is undeniable and it becomes a lifelong message, one that we don’t ever want to lose.

And, contrary to that, we also can experience people that leave such bad impressions, we are anxious to remove them from our memory banks.

However, it’s important to see the value from both the good and the bad, as there is much to be learned/gained from everyone that influences us as we move life forward. It’s important to recognize we have opportunities to acquire a greater understanding because of the influencers we are exposed to.

If you are lucky to encounter good teachers, mentors, bosses, colleagues, associates and friends throughout your life, you will, no doubt, exchange values, ideas, constructive thoughts and lessons that will serve you well as you develop your ‘learner’s toolbox’.

Some of my best teachers and bosses were not good teachers, in the conventional sense, at all. Quite the contrary, they were terrible communicators and therefore did not know how to teach. But as you sit back, observe and process, you can always find a valuable lesson to add to your toolbox. Leverage all opportunity to learn. The secret to exposure is the value added.

Learn how to filter and funnel. Filter all the information, the way it is delivered and processed.

And, then funnel the information into your learner’s toolbox. Recognize it’s value, what it represents and how it can best serve you.

Under the influence, good or bad should always net out something ‘influentially good’.





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