An odd term that is finding it’s it way into the hiring community, building buzz and starting to make a difference in the work force. As a career coach and mentor, I am hearing it used more and more. I am not a fan of ‘buzz words’, as they are typically a ‘trend’ and trends come and go, so they do have a short shelf life. But this word, in my opinion is worth paying attention to because the work force is changing all the time. The hiring process, due to technology, is also changing candidate engagement all the time. Many know that when you ‘hit’ submit and apply for a job, your resume will be received and managed by Talent Acquisition Software, which is designed to process you, your profile and create a file in their data base. If you don’t match the criteria, often structured by the use of ‘keywords’, you will have little to no chance of getting through that automated system. That said, you MUST pay attention to the language being used for the job requirements and align it with your credentials. Essential that there is some symmetry between you, your skills and the criteria the company is looking for. Before you apply, ask what the key ‘touch points’ are and what the intersection points are? Do your skills match? 

All of this is critical today as you begin to apply for jobs. First time out of school, entry level, mid-level, executive level or those in transition; all of you need to think about how you match, become added value and how your current skills play a role in your search. And more importantly, do you have the head for continuous learning and are you willing to invest time in YOU to develop new skill-abilities to minimize the ‘skill gap’? Are you willing to UPSKILL? Are you willing to and are you capable of staying relevant? It’s essential to be aware of UPSKILL. Even if you are very happy at your current job, you must improve your skills. Tech is driving so many changes. It redefines everything every day. Make no mistake, if you start to slip behind, there are many who will jump in front of you and then you become a liability – not an asset. This trend is not like fashion, where something is ‘here today and gone tomorrow’. 

Stay relevant because UPSKILL is here to stay.

Are you willing to Upskill?
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