We all have a list of stuff that bothers us – don’t we? The guy that sits down the hall from you at work is a royal pain in the ###. Your salary. Rules and regulations. Your wife, your husband, your kids, your knucklehead uncle, some of your friends and maybe even the dog – They sometimes just ‘bug’ you – don’t they? Driving in traffic is enough to ruin a day. Waiting on line at the bank with only one teller is really annoying and when you leave the house without your cell phone; that too is really irritating. From the moment we wake, we are confronted with things that push the button that sets us off.

Human nature makes it that way. How you determine the way you manage this stuff is critical in maintaining sanity and the best way to do that is through tolerance and recognition.

You recognize people, places and things for what they are and you make it work on your behalf. That, my friends is where ATTITUDE comes in. If you maintain a good frame of mind, chances are you will be just fine. Do not let the little stuff get in your way. All it does is become a larger pile of ‘stuff’ that slows you down. It is a huge waste of time and unnecessary energy and it will def mess up your mind, so you must learn to tolerate the noise around you and not let it wear you down.

There is a process of elimination and integration that will make this work on your behalf. Eliminate the nonsense and integrate what really matters. Learn how to filter the distractions and understand how it/they will help you. Learn from them and then toss them away. Sometimes the stuff that bothers us the most can offer valuable lessons and if managed well, there is reward in that. Attitude……



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