An idea is at it’s origin, a thought, a mental impression or a possible course of action based on some conceptual thinking that can really kick start many things including a career, a career pivot or something that provides the fuel to get you mind and spirit in the right place to move yourself forward. But, make no mistake, an idea, no matter how good or bad it might be is a big nothing without first-class quality execution behind it.

Think how often you have said to either yourself or someone you were with, “hey I got a great idea” and then you move on to a million other things and before you know it, the idea is quickly forgotten and winds up in the abyss of your mind with so many other lost thoughts. Typical for al of us, but if you have a fabulous idea that will impact you and your life – GO FOR IT and make sure there is a purposeful plan behind it and execute it, as it’s the only way to bring it to fruition.

Careers require lot’s of planning, thinking and solid plans driven by purpose, passion, patience and commitment….and it’s all on you. So when you have an idea about your career, write it down. Log it so you don’t let it slip away and then create the mental impression in your head by using a sense of visualization that helps you put the plan in place and EXECUTE it.

Careers and career sequencing begins with an idea. It’s the dawn of something that you hope will become a significant event for you. If you do the research, learn your market, you increase your chances of bring the idea to a successful place. It’s all about execution and having an objective in front of you. Without that the idea is nothing but a loose and fleeting thought.


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