If I had a dime for every time I heard, hear or see ‘Good Multi Tasker’ on a resume, I could probably pay for a very nice vacation. The term has become standard job description language and used so frequently that it is just assumed we all do it, should do it and we all should make that a talking point if we are lucky enough to get an interview.

But is it really a good thing? I often, in my lecture series talk about Multi-Tasking.

I don’t think it’s really as efficient as many want to believe. Yes, we are ALL guilty at times of multi-tasking, but if you are focused on a variety of things at once, you are chipping away at many tasks and at the end of the day, you really dilute the process of getting anything done. So, if you tackle many things at once, you might complete them, but it takes longer to get them done. The best way to get SOMETHING done is to stay on task, not multi-task. What are the priorities? That is the primary directive.

Which client is barking the loudest? Which task needs to really get done immediately? What is the most important thing on your list today? Ask these questions and manage that first. With a clear mind you have accomplished the most important thing and now you move on to what is my favorite 4-letter word – NEXT.

If you are really making an attempt at multi-tasking, you cannot really devote full attention to any one thing. You are also diluting the thought process because you are not just doing more than one thing at a time, you are also thinking about more than one thing at a time and that is a recipe for problems. It can often be counter productive, compromise efficiency and more often than not, you end up working longer.

It’s all about TM – Time Management. Not Transcendental Meditation.

Develop good TM skills early. It will surely make a difference in your life, personally and professionally.

My mantra is ‘stay on task’ – How about you?


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