What’s Your Stcorey and Will It Hopen Doors?

For those of you that are familiar with my fascination of re-inventing the English Language by combining real words, you will know that my use of S-T-O-R-E-Y and

H-O-P-E-N is not a typo, but another attempt at creating something new and offer you a fresh perspective towards the Career Sequence and your journey as you look at career change, career growth and try to move your professional life forward.

I am thinking about 2 very important, significant, useful and valuable tools that you have that help inform the hiring community about you. Story and Core or, Stcorey.

The root of who you are is your CORE and the way you brand yourself is all about your narrative or, simply put, your STORY.

When you are involved in ‘career sequencing’, how you present yourself is where it all begins. What is the core or the substance that makes you an attractive hire?

You present yourself in a way that you hope gets a Hiring Manager, an HR Manager or a Department Head to notice the credentials you are using to get that story noticed.

You believe in yourself. You have confidence in your credentials, your work history and your story, so now it’s time to create opportunities. It’s a very competitive market, so you have to invest time and understand the market you are interested in and have HOPE that you can, with your credentials, OPEN, or Hopen some doors and find your next set of circumstances that make it possible for you to take the next step and cross the threshold into something professionally meaningful and satisfying. It’s one thing to progress. It’s another to do it and feel good about it.


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