How can you get ahead and make a significant impact on your colleagues, co-workers, direct reports, friends, family and anyone you interface with? How can you continue to influence and make a meaningful impression on people?

It’s all about learning. It’s all about self-growth. It’s all about creating your own PCEP, a Personalized Continuing Education Program. Yes, you can enroll at a university, local community college, find an on-line provider or augment some private teacher to help you grow by gaining more knowledge. You have a variety of options to choose from and if you are self-motivated, you can do plenty of research on your own. The Internet is a fabulous provider of information and it’s, for the most part, free to use.

It’s vital in any environment, especially one as competitive as the career market is today to increase and expand your core. It’s essential to develop, advance and increase your value. The best way to do that is EDUCATION. I am a big fan of Self-Education. You have all the tools in front of you to create your own process and expand your knowledge base.

Knowledge is the key to open all the doors in front of you. Learn to listen to the voice of wisdom. Let it drive you. Let it push you. Let it influence you. Let it open your mind and let it activate what is important, as you continue to advance and develop your career. Let wisdom motivate you, and despite what fear you might feel about moving forward, let the fear be a key driver in this process of learning. Wisdom and Fear are powerful tools to implement your learning platform.


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