Just because you are right……doesn’t mean you are right. Think about, ‘the customer is always right’. By virtue of the fact that we get paid by our clients/customers it becomes automatic that whatever demands they place on us, whatever criteria they develop it is our job to deliver. Even if we feel, even if we KNOW they are wrong, it’s still our job to comply and give them what they ask for.

That’s one simple example of, ‘just because you’re right, doesn’t mean you are right.

Being correct, for some is everything. Being exact, being true to yourself can drive you to success and it can also drive you and your colleagues, friends, family nuts.

You will encounter people throughout your life, especially in the work environment that insist, because they feel (or know) they are right they will push a point so far into a conversation, that it can actually cause a major breakdown in any dialogue and worse, it can cause a breakdown in that dialogue. The tension between right and wrong has created many problems for many people. It can be a difficult bridge to gap. Often, it’s nothing more than a thin line separating the two and sometimes the divide is so wide it destroys, what once might have been a good and healthy relationship.

Keep a steady perspective on RIGHT and WRONG. Sometimes it’s just better, in fact it’s RIGHT to just accept something and be WRONG in the eyes of the other side. Sometimes you just might have to put your pride aside and consider the greater good. Accepting WRONG might just get you more in the long run. Going forward, it might just give a better pay-off.

The key word is sometimes. Sometimes, you also have to stand your ground and remain steadfast and stick with what you know and feel is the right thing to do, despite the outcome. It can make for an awkward set of circumstances, but ultimately, you will have to decide what is RIGHT and what is WRONG. But remember, SOMETIMES being wrong might just be right……

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