Whatever you choose to do – apply yourself and be 100% engaged. To do something and not have your heart in it will result as a failure. I can cite so many examples from my own personal and professional experience that clearly exhibit the 100% approach leads to success. Why do ‘it’ if you cannot do ‘it’ correctly. Even if you are new to the ‘it’, you take your time, dig in, learn from the experience and reach out to resources at your disposal. I am not just talking about your career. I am also referencing whatever you do outside of your work community. Whatever you are doing – Invest in yourself. Make it worthwhile. Look for the rewards that success will provide. Make the experience meaningful and allow yourself a moment to enjoy your accomplishments. As you develop, by doing things well, you increase your self-awareness and that will build self-esteem and self-confidence. These are all necessary to make an impact in life. No impact – No interest.

So as you begin your career, make a pivot, reinvent yourself or you are learning how to ride a bike, give it ALL that you have and maintain a good grip on what you do. In the long run, you will be fulfilled knowing you invested in yourself and the return on that investment paid off.

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