When you are looking for a job you have 2 options. Spin it positively or, dare I say it, negatively.

Trying to secure your ‘next’ can be exhausting, complicated and if you let it get to you – it will indeed deflate you.  It will take the wind out of you. It will flatten your spirits. It decreases all of your energy and that will impact what you do, how you do it, how you communicate and the impression you leave. Nobody wants to hire someone that is deflated.

Your attitude is in your hands. Manage it well and let people see the inflated version of you. Full of energy, full of life, pumped and ready to go!

Magnify who you are. Amplify what you have accomplished. Let them see that if they hire you, they will get added value. Being an asset is how you promote yourself. You have so much to offer. Embrace ‘you’ and turn up the volume. Make your message positive. You make the choice. Deflate or Inflate.

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