Currency is: cash, notes, dough, wad, cabbage, roll, bread, moolah, bills, dinero, coins, coinage, chicken feed, cold cash, folding money, legal tender, medium of exchange, almighty dollar and green stuff.

It all adds up and allows us to do things, buy things, see things, travel and enjoy the many things life has to offer. But CURRENCY does not come easy. It requires WORK.

And….then there is the other CURRENCY – WORDS. How we communicate, how we convey a message on our own behalf will surely play a role in how we manage CAREER DEVELOPMENT. If you can’t COMMUNICATE effectively, you will have a difficult time navigating a career path. There are so many tools today that help us EXPLORE and DISCOVER opportunity. The Internet is loaded with information. All we have to do is pop in a few KEYWORDS and ‘poof’ – The information we want is right there on a screen for us to use as a guidance tool that can hopefully get our foot in the door. At some point you will manage to get through the process and you then are confronted with meeting someone and presenting yourself. This requires the ability to skillfully and effectively COMMUNICATE. What will you say? How will you say it? What words should be considered? You must take into account what language this company uses to communicate who they are. How do they describe the culture, the job criteria & the requirements necessary to be successful?

Words are the brick and mortar of all DIALOGUE. Words can help you establish yourself appropriately and align with the company you are so interested in joining.

Words are just as good as the green stuff! Invest wisely and find dividends in your Currency of Words.


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