There aren’t too many things more frightening than being in need of the Emergency Room. That typically is symbolic of some bad health issue that requires a call to 911.

At that point, you sit and wait for the emergency services to arrive and take you to the hospital. The waiting, the not knowing what’s happening can be the most difficult part.

When you are looking for a job that too, can create an emergency situation. But, before you panic, take a deep breath and focus on all your awesome qualities. Trust in yourself and recognize that perhaps it’s not as bad as you might think. Don’t punish yourself. Wanting, needing a job is complicated. Looking to make a career shift or pivot can be equally grueling. But this is standard stuff for all of us. We all want something better and it’s hard work to make it happen.

Many people can mange this all on their own and then there are those that need some 911 – Some help to get them moving forward and off the mental resuscitation.

Career Coaches can be your 911, your lifeline, your support and if they are good, your partner and advocate.

If you need a career coach, look for those qualities. Chances are, they can all provide some reinforcement, but it’s important to find the right bedside manner. Help is necessary, but so are disposition, temperament and character.

A good career coach can be your ‘Get Well Soon and your 911.

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