Why is age an issue when looking for a job? When I was a Talent Acquisition Specialist, I often presented awesome and very qualified candidate to clients for consideration and too many times, I got this: “Nice resume – but might be over qualified”. What I quickly learned was it was a veiled way of saying, “hey this candidate is too old”. Clearly that would be illegal – so it was the best way to skirt the issue of age discrimination when all I was trying to do was provide the EXPERIENCE necessary. Shouldn’t that be the criteria? Shouldn’t that be the primary thought? Shouldn’t that be the focus? Does this candidate have what it takes to do the job, do it well, and help the team and above all – ADD VALUE?

Common sense says YES! Not all, but many in the hiring community have an unfair, biased and distorted way to see what is right in front of them but too blind or shortsighted to recognize. EXPERIENCE is the key to the door and should never be minimized. 

I often challenged my clients and positioned the EXPERIENCE as the one thing that will, in the long run, make them look good. Age should NOT be a characteristic to make a decision. Quite the contrary, EXPERIENCE should be one of the first things we evaluate as it can make an immediate impact. What I call the LLC Factor….The LOW LEARNEING CURVE. Experience typically makes for a faster transition. Sometimes age is a huge ASSET.  Always look at the candidate with an open mind and do what is BEST for you and your company. 

What a wonderful integration; AGE and EXPERIENCE as they can run a parallel course to better serve you and your NEEDS. Advanced can also be State-Of-The-Art and CUTTING EDGE.  

Cutting Edge
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