I just had some significant plumbing work done in my house and when the job was complete, the plumber reviewed the results and explained how the new system functions.

There were several ‘release valves’ installed and each had it’s own purpose, which got me thinking about my clients and anyone else on the job market. For many of us, looking for a job or thinking about career change causes a lot of anxiety and tension.  

Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a ‘release valve’ as well? Feeling tense, feeling anxious, nervous, a little tight, apprehensive and worried about your current career status? 

No problem – Just turn the valve and feel the release!!!!

Wouldn’t that be great? Indeed it would but we all know it’s not that easy. When we are confronted with change, we often feel some type of pressure to adjust, adapt and move our professional (and personal) life forward. The challenge is for us to recognize the tension before the pump overflows and creates a flood. There are many ways to install the valve. Know your market. Know your self-worth. Know your ADDED VALUE. Be self-aware. Be self-confident. Understand the process of looking for a job, as it takes time and a strategic plan. Organize all your resources. Map it out. A career coach can and should be able to help you navigate the process and help you implement your plan and if you don’t have one or know how to create one, they can help you do that as well. Either way, if you think it through, listen to your gut, invest in yourself, maximize your resources than you have the valve necessary to find the relief to help you stay calm and do what you have to do get your next career move in place.

Job Search Valve
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