If you are a PROCRASTINATOR, you will always be one step behind. We live in a very competitive world. Doesn’t matter if you are thinking about your professional or personal life; at some point you will be confronted with making decisions and the longer you ignore them, the more time you lose. Where is the victory in that? There is none and what you are doing is probably postponing the inevitable.

When something meaningful is in front of you – DEAL with it! Without question something of consequence requires a good think. It requires careful thought and consideration. That isn’t procrastination. That’s called SMART thinking and a great use of time. However, if you disguise your use of time, look for ways to avoid, dodge, evade or escape what you should be doing, you are a PRO-CRASTINATOR.

You can try and mask the truth but at the end of the day – it’s always going to be TRUTH and that carries too much substance to ignore. Disregard TRUTH and you are a PRO. You can only hold it off for just so long. The TRUTH, the inevitable will always be there. It can lay dormant for some time, but it will always emerge and smack you in the head. The longer you sidestep, the more steps you take towards the inescapable. Be assured – it does not disappear. Drag your feet and all you do is slow down the process of moving forward.

Don’t delay – Get it done. Embrace the moment of TRUTH and get on with ‘it’.


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