Attitude + MOOD = Attimood.

There are so many variables in the job search process and there are so many personal and professional uncontrollable dynamics that you will encounter throughout your life – to the point that it can challenge you in so many ways and definitely wear you out and wear you down.

So what do you do? You keep your head in a good space and you manage things in a way that suits your comfort zone and allows you to make progress, grow, move things forward and not let the stuff you cannot control beat you up.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Not so. I won’t minimize how difficult this can be, but the right thing to do is put things in proper perspective and control what you can. ATTITUDE and EFFORT. That’s what you are in charge of – ALL THE TIME! Attitude is half the game. Maintaining a good one can get you through some pretty difficult times. Keeping your mood in a reasonable place will only soften the hard spots.

Effort comes from deep within. You can be an entry level or an experienced superstar, but if the effort is weak, so are you and so are your chances of making real progress in life.

I encounter so many job hunters with the common thread of how things ‘just suck’. To that, I say – get over it, self-command and be conscious of your own direction.

Dominate what you can control and deal with what you cannot. Bitter pills don’t taste good – but you can learn to wash them down with something tolerable. You can assume control, take responsibility and manage the uncontrollable with the right mind-set, the right attitude, the right frame of mind and the right AttiMOOD.

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