I often tell my clients when you are looking for a job, you are the BRAND, the PRODUCT the SERVICE. You will be MARKETING yourself and you will be doing so in a very competitive market. This becomes a ‘bitter pill’ to swallow, especially for the student population. They cringe as they think I am coaching them to SELL OUT….when in fact I am coaching them to SELL IN!

As the economy and the job market continue to shift so too will the hiring trends. The demands, the criteria that employers look for are forever changing as well. What this does is create an opportunity for you to rethink what you do as you look for career choices. Is it always about PURPOSE, PRESTIGE, and PAYCHECK? For some the answer is yes and then for those that are struggling to find their place in the forever shifting job market, the answer is no. Many of us recognize that compromise must be engaged to land safely. There is nothing wrong with settling for a second or even third choice to sustain your livelihood and/or get your career path up and running.

And it always comes down to how you MARKET and how you POSITION yourself. No brand will launch without some market awareness. What does the DATA tell us? Explore and learn about the choices you have and then you move your brand forward. Selling yourself, marketing yourself is necessary and should not cause anxiety. You are not selling out, you are looking for an entry point, something that will provide you with a chance to add value. Don’t minimize TRADE-OFFS. Embrace that strategic thinking and make that bitter pill something sweet.

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