Like anything else, it’s PERCEPTION. Most people when they hear the word BREAKDOWN, immediately interpret it as some kind of issue rooted in the mind or perhaps seeing a car on the side of the road. A MALFUNCTION, a FAILURE a COLLAPSE, a CRASH or the ultimate – A mental breakdown. All of these are serious things to contend with and not for one minute, would I minimize any of that, but when I think of BREAKDOWN, I think about analyzing things.

If you’re considering a career choice, as many of my students are currently doing, my job is to help them break it all down. What type of ROLE are you looking for? What type of company are you focused on? What type of CULTURE are you hoping to be a part of? What is the SALARY you are targeting? So many moving parts and because most of my young client base doesn’t have the EXPERIENCE to fully comprehend what this process looks like, as a career coach, I must help them break it down in understandable pieces. There is a need to see that if you do break it down and not get overwhelmed by the big picture and take it one step at a time, it does seem less overwhelming and more manageable. If you let this process manage you – You are in a bad place and that might just lead to a BREAKDOWN. The objective is to MANAGE it, break it down and get your head around what’s in front of you. Looking for a job, career development requires the deep dive into a lot of data and as you collect DATA, you begin to create a pattern that represents what you are hoping to accomplish. The data needs to be analyzed carefully. Break it down, see it for what it is, leverage this valuable information and push your professional life forward.

This isn’t only for the, “I’m about to graduate” population. For all those folks out there thinking about making their next career move, the same applies to you. Take into mind all the resources you have. Experience, education, industry knowledge, common sense, and your NETWORK. Distill that, refine it, filter it, PURIFY it so you can create a STRATEGIC plan and BREAK it DOWN.

The rewards are worth it.

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