When you are developing a career plan, it will require a strategic thought process. There are a variety of moving parts involved and as the one in need, you will have to drive this all the way. You can rely on resources and you can do all the relevant research so that you are targeting appropriately. You can look at job boards, you can utilize every asset you have, but through it all what matters most is the network. Who you know is the root foundation for career launch, career pivot, transition or career disruption. It often falls in the ‘who you know’ category. We all have contacts and what really counts is that they also have contacts. Never be afraid to reach out and ask to have an ‘exploratory conversation’. That conversation is the BRIDGE to your next opportunity. The BRIDGES we build are what get you across safely to the other side. Focus on that ‘other side’, as it represents opportunity and your future.

That BRIDGE also represents RELATIONSHIPS and once you begin to develop a rapport, earn trust, you then can establish a quality network that BRIDGES the gap between where you are now and where you will be tomorrow. BRIDGES are known to carry us over some form of obstacle and looking for a job can be exactly that – An obstacle, but at the end of the day, it’s our responsibility to find the intersection point and get to the other side.

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