Another year passes and a new one is knocking on the door. The question is, do I open it and embrace what lies ahead or do I ignore the knock and hang on to yesterday? 

It’s foolish to ignore the inevitable. I find it irresistible and, in fact, necessary to open the door and see what’s out there. I want to see it……whatever ‘it’ is. Bring it on. That is the bridge from yesterday to today and tomorrow. I am anxious and excited about crossing it. What’s on the other side? 

Bridge is synonymous with so many wonderful things. It’s a connection. It’s a unifier – It unites us with so many things. It provides an opportunity to network. It joins one thing to another. It’s an attachment that allows us an opportunity to cross over and make changes. It lands us in a new place. Every bridge has a story. They are an amazing support system that holds us up and defines where we are and hopefully and more importantly, where we are going. Your bridges play a vital role in your professional and personal life. Ignoring or worse, destroying your bridge will slow you down and put obstacles in its place. A bridge is POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT and an advocate.

Our Personal Bridge is the link from the present to the future. That in of itself is a process and no bridge is built quickly or without some strategic plan. No, it takes time and becomes a series of actions that should direct us to the other side. It should be seen as a continuous set of actions that keeps us fluid, prepared, agile and abundantly aware of who we are and again, where we are going. That’s the key to it all. Moving forward, making changes and improving our place in life, so never hesitate and proceed with caution. Get in, stay in your lane and cross over and BUILD A BRIDGE.

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