There are so many ways to crash and burn….out. 

We all have full plates. We all have a lot going on and we all, despite the way we ‘think’ we manage time, end up multi-tasking too many things at once. And multi-tasking is a sure-fire way to dilute the process of getting things done. I am a fan of TIME MANAGEMENT. You know; PRIORITIZE. Many things come at once. It can put us on overload, cause anxiety, stress and for some it’s paralyzing. 

How we manage our schedules is a very important part of our day. Doesn’t matter if it’s personal, professional or a combination of both. Either way, activity comes quickly and if you don’t have an awareness, it will manage you. And the best thing for you to do is manage it. I often consider a great line by John Lennon, “life happens when you’re busy making plans”. Stuff happens and when caught off-guard, it only adds to the challenge of checking off the boxes.

Burn Out does have symptoms. It can cause lack of sleep and fatigue. It can deplete your energy, impede your motivation and worst of all, it can mess with your creativity and sense of purpose. Purpose is our fuel in life. If not for purpose, we have no destination. The last thing you want to do is decrease your productivity and outcome.

There are ways to diffuse BURN OUT and make things better. Consider rebooting and reestablishing your time, your routine and your day-to-day activities. You must TAKE CHARGE! Set some boundaries for yourself and always take a deep breath when you are feeling like things are getting out of control. Be MINDFUL of what you are doing. I don’t mean to minimize your day and what takes place in your life, but it’s so important for you to control YOUR LIFE. Because it’s yours, OWN IT and manage it and avoid BURN OUT.

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