Change often scares us. There are so many hidden secrets hiding in change. It’s the fear of that unknown that sets us off in a bad way. We anticipate, we try and prepare and we do all that we can to soften the ‘blow’ that CHANGE will cause. No matter how we try and equip ourselves, no matter how we plan for what’s to come, with rare exception – there are surprises. They can come at you in large or small packages, but no doubt, they will surface. How we manage that will determine what that experience will look like. Try not to let this overwhelm you. Your mindset, your attitude and your ability to keep a cool head will get you through it. Embrace the change. Grab it, hold it and run with it. Change is almost always a great thing. It teaches us to reflect, to look at ourselves for who we are and what we will become. Change is like fuel. When the tank is full – You have the ability to travel long distances. When that tank is low on fuel, the journey will be short. Each and every day, we experience change. Some are meaningful and some meaningless. Either way, they are there. Our job is to see them for what they are and understand what impact they will have on our career, our relationships, our lives and us. And make no mistake; there will be impact from change. Let the change happen. Keep it fluid. Don’t add pressure by over-analyzing it. That will only slow you down. Change is inevitable and should work for you – Not against you. Don’t fear it. The substance in change is what allows us to grow, to adjust, to innovate, to transform, to transition, to modify, improve and move forward. Change should represent personal and professional progress Find your change, transition and transform.

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