When you are looking for a job or considering some kind of career change, you will begin the search with many things in mind. Clearly, you want to find an appropriate job that satisfies your criteria and something that will provide some career advancement. Experience alone can do that, but finding an environment that can offer growth is def worth thinking about. There should be a list of things to take into account as you prepare the search. Salary requirement, what the job specs are and can you do them will be on your list. Location, does the job offer a quality work/lifestyle balance, are they offering a title that works for you, what kind of opportunities does the job offer, recognition, is it something you are passionate about, will you establish peer partners and expand your network and what does the company culture look like NEED to be on your checklist as you plow through the job boards and seek career options.

As you filter through all of this, you should establish a ‘career profile’. Now you have choices and options to work with and as you begin to map it all out, you will also develop a strategic plan that produces a destination. This is the ‘TARGET and CONNECT’ piece of it. A target and having no destination isn’t the most efficient way to secure your dream job.  It’s not arbitrary. On the contrary, it’s a selective process that you MUST drive. 

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