Simply put, ‘Common Sense’ is nothing more than engaging in sound, proper and superior judgment. And in order to make a good decision, you will need to base that off information, data and what your heart tells you? Career Development needs CS and if you can manage these 3 things as you think about a career choice, career change, career pivot or anything for that matter, you will probably make a good choice.

Judgment is reliant on experience and COMMON SENSE. We all have a story and a story to tell. When we are on the job market, it’s our back story, experience, values, ability to convey who we are and objectives that allow us the chance to move forward and land comfortably. How you market that storyline will make a huge difference on how you are perceived, judged and that will determine if you will go deep into the process. There is nothing common about common sense. It provides all of us an opportunity to think, prepare, process and push forward. CS should be the root of all that you do. There is no reason, in this age of information access, to not be prepared. Common sense is all about seeing things as they are, what they are and doing things as they should be done. Ask yourself – What is the appropriate thing to do? Don’t over think. Listen to your heart and not always your head. Common sense is usually ‘gut’ driven and almost always correct. 

Career development requires a smart and strategic plan and…..good COMMON SENSE. Common sense should be the fuel that drives the process. Yes, you need the data. Yes, you need to research and understand your market. And, yes, you need to think about where you want to be and how you will get there, but never minimize how significant CS is as you begin to make some choices.

A good career coach or a good mentor can help you find clarity and reduce some of the confusion. They can add value and help eliminate some of the anxiety of how you navigate the process. A good career coach should be able to help you find your CS and work with you to elevate it, activate it and make it work on your behalf. 

Common Sense is all about doing the right thing…… because it’s the right thing to do.

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