I love being a Career Coach and a Life Coach. It is one of the most meaningful things I have ever done and for those that know my backstory, I have done a lot of cool things.

Offering GUIDANCE, ADVICE, COUNSELING, PROFESSIONAL TIPS are all part of what I do. I utilize my experience, age, practical knowledge, work history to create, for my clients, a solid foundation that helps them build a future, make necessary career changes and pivots so they can find fulfillment in their professional (and personal) lives. I provide PURPOSE and that can help motivate the journey that lies in front of them. That’s significant stuff!

Getting a client ‘on track’, giving them a ‘sense of direction’, providing orientation, being a ‘professional compass’ are all vital to the process. And with all I can do and no matter how hard I work at it, success will always be in their hands. The client will have to manage the journey. I will always be able to offer support and help navigate, but the hard work is up to them.

I enjoy being that support mechanism. I enjoy adding encouragement and depth to the formula. I want to contribute and help them maintain the energy necessary to find balance and a favorable outcome. That’s what a coach should do – Educate, upskill, teach, help distill the data so it can be used to their advantage.

If I can earn TRUST from a client, communication is easy, and RESULTS will follow.

And with all of this, the one thing I cannot coach is CONFIDENCE. I can make it a talking point, but CONFIDENCE is within us. Do we believe in ourselves? Are we self-assured?

I will help a client present appropriately. I can help them discover and identify their skills, abilities and their strengths, but having the confidence to present the best version of yourself is going to come from you.

Learn to challenge yourself. The rewards are worth it!

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