When it comes to your career, this might be the best playbook to use and you might consider renaming it ‘INTEGRATED RESOURCES’ because that’s what you will want to rely on as you map out a career plan. Does not matter what stage you are in. You might be a student about to graduate or perhaps you are a mid/senior level person about to make a change or pivot. Either way, the first thing to think about is your NETWORK and reach out. Initiate the conversation and research through your network what additional opportunities they can refer you to. Those are your initial ‘DOTS’ to connect. One referral represents a DOT and inevitably, each DOT pushes you to another and another and before you know it, you have completed the picture or you reached a CAREER OBJECTIVE.

Like all things, it will take time to utilize the RESOURCES available. Take the time necessary to build, develop and nurture the relationships. Earn trust. Trust is the root foundation for all relationships. Treat these RESOURCES with RESPECT. They are valued dots and can make an impact on your CAREER PLAN.

We live in a GLOBAL COMMUNITY where with rare exception you can locate information at the push of a button. It’s all there waiting for you to access and leverage on your behalf. RESEARCH is another dot in the picture.

What are the RESOURCES you have? Ask yourself. There are many answers. Each one represents yet another dot. Collect your dots and begin to CONNECT them. Like any process, one step at a time….or one dot at a time.

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