Does it really kill the cat? I think not. Curiosity is the fuel to learn, to think, to process, to strengthen the mind, to make us smarter – It helps us engage with all that we do.

There will always be the ‘I don’t know’ moment. That’s a normal part of Life Diet and if you let the IDK moment mange you, you then sacrifice a learning experience that could just get you to the next level.

Never underestimate the power of CURIOSITY. It should drive us. It has driven people since the beginning of time. Extraordinary inventions that changed the world are rooted in CURIOSITY. The wheel, fire, the Guttenberg Press, the lightbulb, recording music and computers to name a few are all rooted in CURIOSITY. We ask questions because we are CURIOUS. We want, we need answers.

Intellectual CURIOSITY is a wonderful tool. It provides promise. It gives us HOPE. It supplies the brain with new INVENTORY and allows us time to figure stuff out.

Education will always make a better brain. CURIOSITY, being INQUISITIVE, showing interest in learning; this is the personal guidance you want to leverage as a means of getting better at what you do. CURIOSITY is simply a strong desire to learn. Always ask questions and when you don’t know the answers – Dive into the resources you have and learn. Curiosity won’t kill – It will make you, not the dead cat but the SMART cat.

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