Seems no matter what we do, who we talk to, what business you are in – DATA always comes to mind and seems to drive pretty much everything today. And as TECH continues to redefine everything every day, the DATA is the common thread that bind most things together. No getting around it. I am in Higher Ed and DATA is something we rely on frequently. As I talk to my many friends and colleagues in creative services, finance, business, investing, health care, real estate, and other distinctly different categories, the one thing that runs parallel to them all is the DATA.

We don’t make a STRATEGIC move without the DATA.

DATA is responsible for who we hire, how we manage the hiring process, what candidates stand out, how salaries are determined, performance reviews, what skills are necessary to be the best you can be and how you will succeed…..or FAIL.

WORKFLOW is completely contingent upon DATA. Digital Skills are an ever-present tool that will accommodate the criteria of a job description. Digital Skills are on the rise and effecting every INDUSTRY imaginable. As TECH continues to morph, the DATA supports that you will NEED to adapt and remain RECENT and RELEVANT. If we don’t keep up with the changes, we drift backwards and life, personally and professionally is all about moving forward.

Automation is rapidly growing. AI is now on the tips of everyone’s tongue. DATA supports that approximately 50% of the current workforce will need to UPSKILL. 85% of American’s believe DIGITAL SKILLS are necessary for success. 94% of business leaders expect employees to acquire new SKILLS while they are currently working. How do we know this? Because research is done and that creates DATA which will help everybody get a better understanding about the future. Your future. DATA is an INFLUENCER.

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