Whatever it is you are dealing with, concerned about, worried about, stressed about, managing, enjoying, considering, nurturing, developing, cherishing, influencing, loving, hating – Whatever it is, stop and give it a good ‘think’. That’s the best way to evaluate and coordinate your thoughts so you can make a quality decision.

Don’t be hasty. Give yourself time to look at your options. Everyday, we are confronted with CHOICES. Best way to make a good one is to stop and think it through. We are all DATA DRIVEN today. We live in an overflow of INFORMATION. It’s at our fingertips. We survive on a keyboard and a touchpad. There are questions and by simply tapping a keyboard, the answers are just a few seconds away.

Looking for a job requires a ‘GOOD THINK’. Do you know your market? Do you understand what you are looking for? Have you researched enough so you can properly align with the target you are after?

Do you have a timeline? What does the competition look like? Do you know your added value?

All good questions and they deserve an appropriate ‘good think’.

Job search requires dedication, time, a sense of commitment and above all an awesome attitude. So many bumps in the way – If you are not thinking it through, you will be wasting time. Be strategic. Be thoughtful. Be deliberate. Be reflective. Be attentive to the details. And above all, look at your DATA, assess and evaluate your CHOICES and make a good DECISION.



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