When you are engaged in career development and it doesn’t matter what stage you are in, you will have to have clear objectives, goals and expectations. In other words there has to be a destination. Where are you heading? How are you going to get there and will you need a GPS. I often tell my clients, I am your GPS. I’m your WAZE, your Google map – You program me and I will navigate you from classroom to career, from one job to the next, from one title to another and help guide you and try and minimize any obstructions along the way. I navigate – You drive.

Destinations provide a ‘stopping place’, a goal, a purpose a justification and above all things a TARGET and a RESULT. The destination provides motivation. Intent, ambition, planning and mapping out a strategy will help provide for a steady ride, but make no mistake, there can often be some speed bumps along the way, so the better the prep, the better the journey. Today, information is a keystroke away. Data is easy to come by, so as you are considering taking the leap of faith after you graduate or you have come to realize that the job you are currently at no longer scratches your itch, do your research, map things out and look for the new DESTINATION.

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