Wish I had a dollar every time I heard that as a kid. I was not a lover of veggies and I remember that face
I would make when my mom said – ‘Eat your greens’. Veggie Face Moment has become a catchphrase.
It’s symbolic of the things we don’t like. Many times, I have stuff to do (at work/home) that is high on
the low list. In other words, I look for any reason possible to avoid doing it. You know what I mean –
Don’t you? One of the things I have learned as a business owner, a career coach, a mentor, a teacher, a
parent, a husband, is there will always be those moments when I have that ‘eat your veggies moment’
and for the most part, I must suck it up and eat my greens.
Pinch my nose and take it as it comes. When you serve others, as I do, you don’t really have a choice but
to eat the greens. A bitter pill to swallow, something unpleasant that must be accepted, manage defeat,
deal with rejection, dealing with a hard truth, delivering bad news – whatever the format of your veggie
is, you are going to have to manage it, make the best of it and EAT YOUR GREENS.

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