Today we live in a world of specialization. Everybody specializes in something. Your Orthopedist isn’t just a bone guy – he specializes on a specific body part and chances are he has a group practice that handles the other body parts. There are also those that claim their specialty is being a ‘jack of all trades’ and do many things. So much so, that we often ask – OK, what do they really do?

Chances are – you are looking for someone that does the ONE thing you need really well. Someone that is proficient in that category. Someone that has been distinguished by all others. Someone that is qualified in that one thing you need. An expert in the field.

They are out there. I search for them every day, as my clients expect the best we can deliver.

How do you find them? You explore by using your network, marshall the resources you have available and you talk to them. Get inside their head and see if the core is really there.

The goal is to be effective. Was looking at a Cognitive Work for Hire Test this week and one question asked: I can be effective if……..

Got me thinking about ‘effective’. It has become a real buzzword in life and especially on resumes. Everybody writes “I am an effective leader, an effective team leader, an effective blah, blah, blah.

But when confronted with this fill in the blank statement, it becomes a difficult task. I decided that being effective is simply put, someone who succeeds in providing a desired result. Someone that can identify the problem, determine what the issues are and find a solution.

Not sure if that makes them an EXPERT, but it definitely makes you EFFECTIVE. As a Job Search Therapist, I coach my clients by providing a foundation that will help them create a plan, get things moving in some meaningful way and eventually help achieve the career goal(s) in sight.

I am careful to explain, that although my methods work, it is critical to modify them to suit who they are. I don’t for a minute, pretend to be an expert. Experts should be smart enough to realize we all have limitations. We approach things differently. We all have different comfort zones.

If I can do that – I am effective.

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