Every single morning, when you get out of bed to begin your day, know that it’s also the beginning of a new journey. Despite the job you have, the activity you have planned, the people you are engaging with, the repetitive nature of each and everyday, you are about to launch upon a brand new journey. There are always surprises lurking about. Some will kick you in the ass and some will provide great pleasure. Either way, the journey isn’t always as you might expect. You cannot possibly anticipate all of that. No, you get your day going and see what little ‘gifts’ are out there.

Life is a voyage. You can choose to be a passenger or you can be the pilot.

Me personally, I would like to be the pilot. I want to be the guy driving this ship, knowing that regardless of my destination, anything can happen to knock me off course cause that’s where the fun is. Adapt, pivot, improvise, problem solve, trouble shoot, make it happen, correct the course of your ship because at the end of the day, you have to FIGURE IT OUT.

Don’t resist those hidden gifts, because that’s what they are. Gifts. You learn how to convert something bad into something good, something useful and something meaningful. That’s how you build inner strength. That’s a great way to develop your core.

Auto Pilot isn’t the best way to get there. Like a quality strong wind at your back, have purpose behind you and make your daily journey is a success!

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