Did you ever really consider the significance of FIRST IMPRESSION? It is so casually overlooked and too often minimized, when in fact, it should be front and center, top of mind, a priority and something that we should be aware of.

Data supports that most people will process YOU in the first 3-7 seconds. That’s a short window to get in somebody’s head and should you leave the wrong impression, you are probably not a consideration in any way, shape, or form. The big four-letter word will follow – NEXT. They will move on.

We call it a first impression for a reason. With very rare exception, you will not get a chance at a second impression. So, it’s important to maximize all your opportunities that send the right message that you want representing you. When you meet new people in any kind of scenario, there is a feeling, an intuition, an idea that forms quickly in yours and their mind, often without consciousness. It happens so fast and this 3-7 second can set the tone, a precedent that can lead to a meaningful dialogue and some successful next steps. Friendship, relationships, a networking opportunity, a business deal, a sale, a presentation, a casual conversation while you’re waiting at the checkout line in a store – It doesn’t matter where you are. Any time you ‘present’ yourself, you should be aware of how you do it. You want to leave a GOOD first impression. That message you leave can go a long way. It can take you up….or, conversely, it can take you down.

Like it or not, you are measured by body language, your demeanor, your eye contact, the grip of your hand when you shake, your smile, your AUTHENTICITY, the dialogue you present and how you present it, your SMILE – There are many metrics people will use to judge. We don’t always get it right either, but at the end of the day, it’s always going to come down to your FIRST IMPRESSION. Make it count. Make it last. Make your mark. Become a priority. Be a standout! Become an INFLUENCER and make an IMPACT, cause if you do, you know you have done well and left a great FIRST IMPRESSION.

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