Nobody is void of ‘stuff’ in his or her lives. We all have issues, large and small and some of the issues can actually be good things, but no question, some can be bad too. Either way, we are all confronted with obstacles that just get in the way…..The question we need to ask ourselves, is what will I do about it?

Anytime we experience change, we need to assess how disruptive it will be. Even the good changes in life will disrupt your rhythm so it still needs to be dealt with. But the disruption from a bad change will most likely have a greater impact on you and might get in the way of moving forward. 

Typically the initial reaction for many is to FREAK OUT. It’s a natural response. Getting caught off guard, getting a sucker punch from ‘life’ can knock you down or worse, knock you out. So what – Get up and get it together because that’s your job – Get up and move on.

Work sucks. School sucks. Your boss is difficult. Covid is wearing you out and your not seeing growth for advancement at home, school or work and you’re feeling blue. When things are heading down, it’s natural to feel that way, but you still have to mange these stumbling blocks and find solutions. Freaking out will not solve anything. But, getting your head around your ‘stuff’ will allow you an opportunity to FIGURE IT OUT. 

Figure it out is how we move forward. Forward is where the fulfillment is. Forward is progress. Forward is moving to the front of the line and when you identify, embrace and own the problems you can FIGURE IT OUT.

Figure It Out
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