Looking for a job? Considering making a pivot in your career? Just graduated – Need a job?

When it comes to CAREER DEVELOPMENT, there are certain best practices that must be engaged. Identify your resources is probably the best starting point. And if you are uncertain what those resources are, let me get you started. Number one is your NETWORK. Who you know is awesome but who they know is even better. Make a list and reach out. Get the conversation going. Dial up the DIALOGUE. Students have Career Centers. And, we all have the internet. There is so much DATA available today and it’s all at our fingertips.

As you begin to map out your strategy, you begin to learn just how competitive all industries are. Some more than others, but all competitive none the less. That should never discourage you. Quite the contrary, it should ENCOURAGE you. It should get you into warp speed so you can maximize all your resources and leverage that on your behalf. It’s all about establishing a plan, smart use of time, and moving forward. Do you have an OBJECTIVE? Do you have a DESTINATION POINT? Do you have GOALS? Are you going to ADD VALUE?

The deeper in you go, the more data you will collect. Is it meaningful? Will it help you achieve your goals? Competition will drive decisions on the hiring side. Do you ALIGN well with the criteria, the requirements? If so, they will be responsive and if you do not align, they will move on to other candidates. As you distill all the information and the data you will begin to see patterns which should provide the foundation to make your move. Work strategically. Create a plan, get organized and be relentless about the goals you have. Do what is necessary, don’t break the rules, don’t cheat, don’t lie but stay focused and GET MEAN.

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