Need directions to get somewhere? What’s the first thing you do? You plug in the address into your GPS, hit ‘start’ and begin the journey.

The objective, of course, is to get to your destination. And, you want to minimize the amount of ‘U’ turns. Getting lost is a real drag. Being misplaced, however, can be OK, as you can always re-program the GPS and begin again.

Finding a job, finding a career path and creating a career sequence are no different than the trip you are planning. You need the GPS – Get Plan Started. If you don’t map it out, prepare, plan, plot a course you will have no sense of direction and chances are, you WILL get lost.

When you begin your career journey, don’t get stuck on the final destination. In fact, in the early stage, it’s best to think about the stops you will make along the way. These stops are to be seen as new beginnings. Each job you have is another key that helps unlock the door to the next opportunity and that provides experience. This allows you the chance to add credentials to your resume. The hiring community is interested in experience. They are also interested in skill, knowledge and TALENT, but the experience is what builds your core.

No matter how good your GPS is, sometimes you hit a snag on the road and have to improvise the route. No worries – Pull over. Be creative and spontaneous. Ask for alternative directions to get you through the detour. Eventually, the local road leads back to your career interstate. carwindow4Have a good trip.


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