In my first career, which lasted a glorious 28 years, I was a photographer and a director.


I never gave much thought to the director role. Once we established a conceptual plan and strategy, I took the lead, produced and directed the shoot.


The goal was to provide 2 things: A good experience for all involved (clients, staff, suppliers and talent) and to create great content.

Directing was just part and parcel to what I did.
As a career coach and a staffing industry professional, I now pay close attention to the title ‘DIRECTOR’ and have a very different perspective of what that title should deliver.


Director – simply put is the team leader. It puts you in a place where you have no choice but to be followed. It becomes your responsibility to successfully advance your team, guide them, motivate, inspire and find solutions.

You create a common goal.


A good one delegates, maximizes the resources available, sets the process in motion and above all keeps an open mind and remains attentive to all those involved.

In other words – someone that listens.


I think the best directors lead with great passion, build relationships, embrace a challenge and liberate the team’s ability to be creative. It’s so important to allow those you work with to be good at what they do. Don’t get in the way. Don’t manage them. Guide them. Be critical but always be positive.


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