There is so much external noise out there today and much of it is negative. It can sometimes overwhelm how we act, how we engage, how we respond, how we think, how we deal with our friends, family and our careers.

When CAREERS are on the front line, one of the most important things you should consider, and you can control this is your ATTITUDE. Maybe you reach out to a colleague for some advice or you’re looking for networking opportunities, you must keep it friendly. The play of NEGATIVE behavior, commentary, narrative will only hurt you as you try and move your professional life forward. Make no mistake, people will notice that pessimistic presence and the interpretation is always going to work against you. It will probably put you at the back of the line – No matter how good a candidate you are.

Even under the best of circumstances, we all experience bad moments at work. No way to avoid that. Try and be aware of what you say and how you say it. Learn to filter and even when it goes against your ‘grain’, sometimes you must eat your pride and think about the long game. Good vibes will leave a better message.

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