Working hard. Working harder. Doing more with less. Hammer it out. Keep your nose to the grindstone. Seems to me that a lot of people I speak to these days often talk about ‘grinding it out’. Work cultures continues to redefine themselves. Whether it’s in the office, working virtually, doing the hybrid model – Whatever the format or configuration is, everybody is WORKING HARD and harder.

It’s a GRIND. It’s a struggle. It’s a drag. It’s a chore and it’s HARD WORK. However, you should never complain about working hard because nobody works easy.

If it were easy, we’d all do it! There will always be those days that just wear you out. No way around that. But there are also the days that feel pretty ‘fluid’ too. 8 hours can just fly, or they can really drag on. So much of what we do can be managed by your mindset. And, as bad as it might get, remember it’s still YOUR day and you will have to do what you must do. Your colleagues, your team, your clients, your vendors are all counting on you to deliver.

Deadlines and time sensitive work only adds to the stress of ‘getting it done’. It makes the grind feel more intense. Consider what ‘GRIND’ means and then you will see just how impactful it can be. Grind represents, CRUSH, POUND, PULVERIZE, GRATE, MINCE, MASH, SHRED, FRICTION and if you let all of this get in your way, then you want to be looking for a way to step back and smooth things out. Look for the ways to be steady and develop the right rhythm. And that’s the secret sauce – Utilize the grind, by not adding more work, but a means to even out the rough edges. So, take it easy and enjoy grinding it out.

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