It’s an interesting dynamic how we look at things, process, react and try and make good decisions in order to advance our lives and careers. Sometimes it’s more productive to think about the ‘choices’ we have and not the ‘decisions’ we make. At the end of the day – that’s really what you have in front of you; the ability to think it through and make a choice. Clearly, there are times in your life when you are confronted with ‘the, what do I do next?’ moments and you have to figure out the best direction to go. You need to take a pause, really think it through and understand just what is best at that time. Think about short and long term, but make a clear choice about the direction that feels right.

I talk to and counsel a lot of young people on the hunt and prospecting for a job and a common thread is the confusion about what and how to go about advancing the early stage of their careers. It’s all about patience, progress and improvement. With patience comes the ‘one foot at a time’ mindset that keeps you steady. As you continue to gain more experience it will impact everything you do during the career sequence. And the experience continues to add more qualifications to your resume which builds the credentials that substantiate your core value and begins to separate you from others.
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At the same time, you begin to get more clarity and can focus on an area that really interests you. You can declare your intent and seriously pursue it. That’s the key to it, finding what you want/like and combine all that you have accomplished along the way, no matter how junior you are, and bridge the gaps in front of you. And from time to time, you can take a short step back in order to get your head around things and then accelerate your footwork to find new opportunities and continue the journey.

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