There are a zillion ways to define HARD WORK.
Hard work comes in all shapes and sizes. Construction is what we would consider hard work. Teaching is hard work. They both require great physical, mental effort and endurance. There are many occupations that fit the same criteria.
I’m not talking about being or ‘looking’ BUSY – No, I’m talking about putting in the time, the extra effort, getting things done, having goals & objectives, achieving results so when you head home you feel like & know you put in a full day and checked off all the boxes….and perhaps one or two more.
Satisfaction is a biproduct of OUTCOME. Always feels good to get stuff done.
Although not always rewarded for hard work, it is with exception always recognized. People that take an INITIATIVE typically are diligent & maintain high standards at all times and seem to be consistently moving at a higher level than many. Maybe they plan & organize so they can be super productive. Whatever drives them, they are more PROLIFIC than others and this does make them a ‘standout’.
And then there is WORK HARD. Is there really any other way? I believe and coach my clients, especially students, don’t ever complain about working hard, because nobody works easy.
Without question, liking what you do will mitigate and reduce the feeling of WORKING HARD but whatever you must do needs to be done, so get it done.
If you have a job to do – DO IT. Maybe there are many ways to define HARD WORK, but WORK HARD in my opinion is a one-way street. Commitment.

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