That’s where my roots are. Like any good field or garden, there are many varieties of fruits, plants, flowers and crops. I am one of the many flowers in the ‘helping field’.

I think I am a very fortunate guy – I get to meet people with different backstories, with different needs and they are all seeking advice or help. My job is to get my head around what’s ailing and what’s failing them. There are, of course many ‘Helping Fields’, the two I engage with are Higher Ed and the private sector. Each and every day I am presented with contrasting personalities with a wide range of issues. The challenge of helping is, for me where the fun is. I ask lots of questions – The more information I can get the more help I can provide. My job is to identify ‘the problem’ and then help create a solution. Nurturing the growth of these clients with compassion, experience, interpersonal skills, and the ability to listen, process and respond is a great way to get people moving forward. There are a variety of techniques that fill the helping fields with all kinds of blossoms. My goal is always to make sure it’s a hearty crop that, when harvested provides the appropriate nutrients to get my clients on a career path that provides success.

Plant your seeds and tend to them regularly. Utilize the resources you have and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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