Covid has really changed so many things. Work has certainly been redefined. How we share, how we engage, how we learn, how we socialize, how we shop, how we communicate – All different than they were a few years ago. From bad comes good. Covid was about as bad as it could be but as we learned to adapt, change, and move forward, we did things differently and for some, a blessing in disguise.

What choice did we have? None really – If we didn’t make the necessary pivot, learn how to use technology to do all that we did in person, we started to drift backwards and/or out of the picture. No fulfillment there. And now that we have come through, for the most part, the pandemic, we have discovered a new structure in life and at work. I like the fact that we have options. Hybrid has become a force to be reckoned with. It’s become the new ‘normal’. It is now part of the CULTURE.

I have always been a fan of change and embracing it, and with rare exception change will usually net out strong results and provide a new way to do things. Not necessarily better – But different and yes, sometimes more desirable.

The one thing I miss the most and feel what has compromised workflow significantly is the ‘stop by’. You know when someone has a quick question and pops in your office and says, ‘can I ask you something?’

These impromptu moments can add so much substance to the day. These quick questions often end up in a meaningful conversation and the results can be quite beneficial. It can plant the seed for something big, something significant, something crucial, something relevant and important. It could provide a very favorable outcome. It’s the spontaneity that makes it happen. So tune in when someone pops their head in your office and says, ‘hey got a minute?

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