Anyone that follows my BLOGS/Posts will recognize that I like to ‘play’ with words. I think the English language can be fun and often, inspiring.

As a career coach, I must find a way to create a PARTNERSHIP with my clients. It’s essential for success. In my own way, I create a TOWNSHIP, a community that establishes an element of trust between my client and myself and if I do my job well, I form a RELATIONSHIP. That’s the ultimate

outcome. I WORSHIP that type of result.

My door is always open. MEMBERSHIP is free. There is no DICTATORSHIP here. It’s a BIPARTISANSHIP experience for my clients and me.

Clients offer a professional COMPANIONSHIP as I help them sort through their career issues and clarify whatever HARDSHIPS they are dealing with. Challenging and rewarding.

Like winning the CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

So, when you are having difficulty with your career, remember the STARSHIP does not sail until you get onboard.

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