I am in the staffing industry. A far cry from where I began my professional life as a photographer.

However, there are many characteristics that remain parallel and connect me to where I am and where I was.

After all, one of my tag lines is, “who I am begins with who I was”.

As a creative service provider in both careers, I recognize the significance of the relationship. I think that plays a role in any business. It has to be based on trust. How do we earn that? I think honesty is the best way to create that. Being transparent with people from the beginning will help generate a dialogue that can initiate the roots of what we hope becomes a relationship.

My clients expect nothing but the best from us. Sourcing and securing good talent is the 1st step.
We reinforce candid with the candidates. There should be an open exchange of information so they are comfortable with who the client is as well as what the criteria are for the specific job you are discussing. They appreciate it and it shows a partnership from the outset. It becomes the foundation for the relationship. It builds trust.

My best clients are the ones that communicate and remain accessible. Not through the filtered world of e-mail, voice mail and texting. On the contrary, we connect and we talk. We have a mutual understanding for each other, our time and our professional skills. My client knows we are presenting someone meaningful and appropriate. The client must rely on us not to waste their time. It’s too valuable a commodity and should not be minimized. They value what we do and what we think. They have faith in our ability. We give them a feeling of confidence because they trust us. And that all stems from being honest.

When you dilute honesty and/or flat out lie, it will always bite you on the ass. Somehow, providing the wrong information always surfaces. Honesty is the best policy.

See you next week.

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